Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Greatest Day of My Life

So yesterday, Tuesday September 23, 2008 was the
day of my life

(next to my wedding day and the births of
my 2 children of course)

Lindsey and I went to....
So You Think You Can Dance concert!!!!

(Sorry the picture is a little blurring)
It was so awesome!!!
If anyone is guessing I am a huge fan and now I am an even bigger fan of

This is me and Linds keepin' it real after the concert; we are so cool. I was also excited because we were not the oldest people there.

You can bet I am going to start saving for front row tickets for next year.


Tom Westbang said...

Hi hello,

There are very nice pictures in your blog.

Best regards from Germany


Gasaway Family said...

I am so JEALOUS!!! That is so awesome you and Lindsey got to go the the concert! I wish I could have gone, next year...! Oh and let me know what book you're reading for your book club next month, I'll see if there's a chance I can come, I never know with Brad's schedule.

Stevens Family said...

How fun! I love that show!

Summer said...

Yeah, I'm totally jealous too. I wanted to take Victoria. Perhaps next year. :)

jeanbean said...

You guys STINK!! OK that is awesome!
I wish I could have snuck in with ya.

Sorry I forgot to call you about book club! I have been a busy busy bee this week because I had a jewelry show tonight and now it's over I can breath! I definitely will come over and get next book. How are you getting all these copies??
Hope you had fun!

Jenny Lynn Furr said...

That looks so fun! I have to admit I prefer American Idol then DAncing with the Stars though. Every mom needs a few girls night out's. (sorry if that doesn't make any sense)

Meghan said...

Love the pictures! Glad to hear it was even better than you could imagine! :)

DESTINY said...

oh my goodness! that sounds so fun! You two girls are so hot!!

Marnie Bergeson said...

Fun! That almost compares to when I went to the American Idol concert this year in Seattle. Almost...