Monday, June 29, 2009

I know I stink at this whole blogging thing. Between working 30+ hours a week, two little hellions and trying to keep my house as clean as my clean-freak mom keeps her house, time is limited. It's been like 6 months so lets see if I remember how:
Xander had his 4th birthday yesterday. We got him a bike and that is all he has been riding it ever since; he loves it!!

We had a family birthday party which was fun. We had cake, opened presents and played kickball which may have been too much for Grandpa Bart...

I would also like to start a series called "Things Caitlyn Puts on her Head". Here are a few examples although there have been many that I have not been able to capture in the moment.

Xander's new bike helmet, which she wears every moment Xander is not wearing it.

Also featured is Caitlyn wearing the Lego Container (notice she is wearing the same clothes in both pictures because this was the same day.) Now I understand the concept that people seeing this might think, "okay so she puts things on her head, what is so cute about that." All I have to say to that is that as her mom everything is cute. And there will be more to come.


Becky Gallegos said...

Nicole, your kids are so stinkin ADORABLE!!! I love your daughter's curls! I didn't think that was your daughter. Last picture I saw, she was a baby. I had to read what you said to believe that really was her! So cute! You must be, and rightfully so, so proud! Let me know next time you're hear. We should meet up and let the kids play.