Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Winter wonderland

So last winter I worked full time until I had Caitlyn in January and after that life was miserable because it was too cold to do anything. Well this winter will be different. So my question is what does everyone do when it is too cold to go outside? Let's brainstorm.

1. library
2. mall
3. ...I'm out

So if anyone has brilliant, or not brilliant ideas about what to do in the winter please let me know.


Shanny said...

I don't know if this would work for you, but down here in the summer (when it's over 100° outside) my ward would have a play group in the gym of the church. It's not quite as good as the park, but at least the kids get to play and the moms get to talk.

Gasaway Family said...

I would like to see your list when you're done. Mine is pretty much just library, grocery store, running errands...getting together with friends at houses is fun too.

jeanbean said...

dino museum, Mcdonald's playland, isn't there some indoor pools??, isn't there a place here called Jump on it?? when it was too hot in Tucson we would go to a place called Pump it Up, that's fun....
that's all I got

ps i got the book today I'll start on it tonight.

Summer said...

Here we have: swimming pool, ballet, gymnastics, science museum, art museum, library, zoo, homeschool group activities (lego club, book report lunch, bounce house days similar to pump it up), and the children's museum.

When I'm there in April I always go to the Bean Museum & Nat. History Museum at BYU, the library, usually a class at Little Gym, and rec. center for swimming. We also go up to Salt Lake to the planetarium and this year will probably go to the kid musuem there. The zoo isn't build for cold but if you bundle up you'll see more animals. :)

Do you have MOPS there? Mothers of Preschoolers, I think.

Nikki Hansen said...

Thanks for all the ideas everyone; those are all great ideas although I can usually only afford to do the free things, but it is still reassuring to know there really is a lot to do.

M to the E to the R to the I said...

I am going private with my blog, so email me your email address so I can invite you to look at it!

brandon said...

Hey! this is brandon howell uh...jonathan's brother, bryan and lukes friend. gotta private blog deal goin on but i wanted to invite you guys so you could be all up in my business. need your email though please.

Mel and Nate said...

Hey Nicole! I feel the same way!  Summer will hopefully be here soon!  The only other thing I do other than the mall and library is pawn Eli off to the daycare workers at Gold's Gym so he can play while I kind of workout. And we go to Macey's the grocery store almost everyday so he can drive the cars and get a free cookie.  We miss you!